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With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, I possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by design departments and fashion brands when hiring specialists in this field. By providing consultancy services, we aim to overcome these barriers, allowing companies to save on full-time costs and long-term commitments.

The fashion landscape has undergone significant transformations in the last decade, marked by the rise of e-commerce, omnichannel strategies, and online shopping, posing a substantial threat to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. In this fiercely competitive environment, we believe that fashion brands that successfully blend clear vision with their collections stand the best chance of securing customer loyalty. Choose to be chosen.

My vision is to enhance the quality of collections for fashion brands and streamline design and development departments to align with sales expectations. This involves optimizing team structures, composition, and, if necessary, evaluating and adjusting departmental functions.

32lux can be engaged on a temporary basis to enhance collections or replace the head of the design department, providing a fresh perspective. We shed new light on past endeavors and chart a course for the future. This input can span the entire collection development process—from initial brainstorming, mood boards, and collection planning to structure and the actual design of the collection or its components.

Furthermore, we offer services such as outsourcing collections to existing and new manufacturers, overseeing the sourcing process, and managing it until the collection is production-ready. Advice on sizes, dimensions, and grading is also within our expertise.

In essence, we can handle the entire development process of a collection, relieving you of the associated responsibilities.

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